Curious about holistic health?

Interested in learning about local plants and their healing properties?

Do you want to relearn how to communicate with your body, mind, spirit & nature?


The harmony between Mind, Body & Spirit


As a Traditional Western Herbalist, I'm captivated by the lush and mysterious natural areas that surround me. I've spent the last 10 years diving deep into holistic health paradigms and how diet, mindset and medicinal herbs can balance us and promote radiant vitality.

Join me as we dive deeper into these subjects!

- Tania Byrne | Herbalist

Harvesting Hawthorn Berries in Autumn
Herb Walks

Local (Portland, OR) can be found HERE.

Digital Herb Walks Coming Soon!

Learn how to identify medicinal and edible plants, trees and weeds in the Pacific NW.

Formulation and Recipes

Local classes on Herbal Formulation Coming Soon!

For now, check out these free articles on many herbs and their medicinal and culinary uses!

Botanicals, Health & Beauty

Dive deeper in to nature and your connection to your body. Learn about how these plants support our innate healing capacity, and how to improve skin from the inside out.

Botanical illustration of Arnica


A holistic healing paradigm that works with the wisdom of plants to rebalance and restore the body and mind back into its natural, healthy state.